About Us


United Brothers owns 4 modern factories in China and Vietnam ,among them two casting foundries and two machining plants.We have purchased 20,000 square meters new land in 2023 to support the further development of United Brothers. With so strong production capacity, United Brothers has grown to be one of the largest stainless steel products manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam.

United Brothers’ main products are stainless steel screwed fittings 150LBS, ball valves, castings and pipe nipples, which are widely used in chemical, petroleum, water treatment, pharmaceutical , brewing and so many other fields.

United Brothers is certified by Lloyd’s ISO9001, AD2000 and PED. We strictly comply with the ISO 9001 quality system for production management, at the same time, we have a very strict quality control measures to ensure that the process and the final product at the most stringent control.

If you are looking for a company that will supply you the high quality products with most reasonable price then we are the right choice!

Second Vietnam Factory will be ready in 2024 !


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